Flat and flatmates Ahmedabad : Top 3 ways for Finding perfect Flatmates

[Flat and Flatmates Ahmedabad] Ahmedabad is not just any city. It is a mixture of different cultures, dreams, and chances that come together. Whether you’re a student or a young professional, finding the right roommate or flatmates in Ahmedabad can be quite the adventure. And in this quest, the terms “Flat and flatmates Ahmedabad” and “roommate in Ahmedabad” often become integral parts of your everyday vocabulary. Living with flatmates or roommates can also raise concerns about security and trust. If you are scared of theft or invasion of privacy, it can create a sense of unease, especially when sharing living spaces with relative strangers. So here are the best three ways to find the perfect roommate or Flat and flatmates Ahmedabad.

Flatmates in Ahmedabad

  • citynect App
  • Flat and flatmates Ahmedabad WhatsApp group
  • Flat and Flatmate Ahmedabad Facebook group

Flat and flatmates Ahmedabad :Here are the top 3 ways to find your perfect flatmates or roommate 


citynect App-to find Flat and flatmates Ahmedabad

Find Flat and flatmates Ahmedabad with India’s largest community of bachelors and working professionals to find flats, flatmates, roommates, shared flats, pre-occupied flats, and private flats for bachelors without brokerage. It connects you directly with people who are looking for a flat or flatmate without any interference from brokers or third parties, simplifying the way you find accommodation.

With citynect, you no longer need to join multiple Facebook groups or post daily. Our AI-powered matchmaking helps you find the perfect roommate based on your lifestyle and personality. It is a completely safe and secure platform. With our innovative privacy features, you don’t need to share your contact details, and you won’t receive any spam or harassment calls from brokers or unnecessary individuals.

Flatmates in Ahmedabad Flatmates in Ahmedabad Flatmates in Ahmedabad Flatmates in Ahmedabad

Flat and flatmates Ahmedabad WhatsApp group:-

There are multiple WhatsApp groups to find flatmates or sharing flats in Ahmedabad. You can join these groups, but there are pros and cons of joining such groups because WhatsApp is a personalized messaging app, and joining direct groups and receiving messages in bulk will irritate you. Also, your number will be publicly available, so anyone can use it and spam you.

Although compared to Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups are better and easier to use, and also save your time. I have mentioned a list of groups for Ahmedabad Zone-wise, and there is a different group for females as well, which you can consider joining.

Group Link:





Note: Beware of fraudsters and brokers who might try to scam you once they have your contact number and your requirements.

Flat and Flatmates Ahmedabad Facebook group:


Facebook groups are quite famous in every city to find flats and flatmates, just like that, there are a bunch of Facebook groups in Ahmedabad to find flat and flatmates Ahmedabad, which are mostly run by brokers and individuals.

The best part of FB groups is you will find a lot of traffic in groups, but the pain starts from here as you have to join these groups not just one but multiple, and then you have to regularly post in such groups and then regularly keep checking your posts, comments, and messenger messages, which is a very long and time-taking process, and also a lot of your time will be wasted.

Here are the top 5 groups you can join to find flat and flatmates Ahmedabad or sharing flats in Ahmedabad.

Groups Link:





Flatmates in Ahmedabad


In the bustling city of Ahmedabad, finding a compatible flatmates can be challenging. This article explores three primary methods: the citynect app, WhatsApp groups, and Facebook groups. Citynect stands out as a secure platform connecting individuals directly without broker interference. It offers AI-driven matchmaking, prioritizing safety and privacy. While WhatsApp groups provide quick access, they may lead to spam and privacy concerns. Facebook groups offer high traffic but require extensive engagement. Citynect emerges as a reliable solution amidst the options available to find flatmates in ahmedabad.

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